Support Local Feral Colonies

Emmett Food Fund

With the current state of the economy, the Emmett Food Fund has enabled many caregivers to provide food to local feral cat colonies who would die without it. We support the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) method, by trapping and spaying/neutering cats in these colonies. After some time, the cats will stop reproducing and the colony size will reduce. In the meantime, these cats need someone to care for them by providing food! The Emmett Food Fund was founded by Mickey Giosa and is hosted by the Bingo’s Foundation.

Looking for a Dedicated Volunteer to Manage the Fund!

Bingo’s Foundation is currently on the hunt for someone to manage food donations and deliveries to caregivers of local cat colonies. We are hoping to expand the locations at which we’ll accept food donations, including local libraries, vet clinics, etc. Can you help us? Submit your volunteer application today.

Donate Food

If you are able to donate cat food to this worthy cause, please contact us at We will pick up the food or you may drop off the food at our shelter. Monetary donations are always much needed and much appreciated. Click below to make an online donation toward the Emmett Food Fund.